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Leaders’ libido scandal

ImageIt  is not a news that Nigeria senators have acknowledge under age marriage, only waiting for National assembly to confirm it before it is pass as law under the auspic of 1999 constitution amendment. If I may ask what could be their motive or reasons for this? Notwithstanding the disadvantages overwhelm the advantages because it had been practiced in Nigeria yester years which the effect were devastating. Effort of united nation since 1948 to stop child marriage. Article 16 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that persons must be at “full age” when married and that marriage should be entered into

“freely” and with “full consent.” In other words, any country that allows child marriage is committing a violation of human rights. even till present moment they are advocating.

Child marriage will result to high rate of illiteracy of girls even their children , there is a saying that say ” what you Don’t have you can give”. Imagine children nursing children what result will you expect from such?. Increase in population (unproductive population), maladaptive behaviour, and poor health status such as cervical cancer, fistula. believe me, you cannot pray for your worse enemy to experience VVF (vesico virginal fistula). Wait a minute, if their reason (yerima and his cohort) is to promote religious belief such as virginity and chastity or celibacy. No religion , I repeat no religion will tell you to satisfy your selfish interest in detriment of other person life . Only if they want to satisfy libido or pedophila.

Solution – religious belief such as virginity and chastity or celibacy can only be Promoted through Education . Invest in education and fold your two hands for it outcome.


Child marriage is to kick upstairs gender inequality. Do not support it!!

It is high time mothers , girls, young, and old fought for their future.

I have a dream that one day every Nigeria will match out to demand for their right.

By scoolj aka prof. Code

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